Seafood Professionals, Welcome Home!

At AISP we welcome all sectors of the global seafood industry to join us in demonstrating the sustainable development guidelines to ensure that highest quality seafood is produced to increase consumption. To this end we promote sustainable business development and care of the environment we share.



AISP offers its members access to a range of services and benefits, including:

  • Professional development opportunities
  • Networking events, including online forums
  • Industry news and insights
  • Strategies to increase the consumption of seafood
  • Certification programs for seafood professionals e.g. Certified Sustainable Seafood Professional (CSSP) program & Certified Aquaculture Professional (CAP) program.

Individuals and organisations can become members of AISP by completing the application form on the ‘Join Now’ service on this website to access online forums, take advantage of discounted rates for AISP associated events and programs and participate in working groups and committees where you contribute to shaping industry.


Organisations can also take the opportunity to Sponsor the AISP community and our purpose at ‘Join Now’.  We can assist you with your social responsibility commitments as well as provide access to our global network of seafood professionals and further our initiatives.


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